The heartfelt testimonials below were received from winners, guests and sponsors who attend the Autism Hero Awards, and we want to thank you all for your supporting our charity.

Personal Achievement Award Sponsors: Samantha Lee Howe Winner Grace Parr

Vickie Parr: Mother of Personal achievement winner Grace Parr

I just wanted to thank you so very much for the award that my daughter Grace Parr won for personal achievement – your recognition of her achievements means a huge amount to us. I’m sure you can appreciate that the distance involved and the anxiety that the travelling and arrangements would provoke meant we couldn’t attend.

We are so massively proud of how far she has come, and she continues to amaze us every day with her huge efforts to keep going when faced with her daily mountain of food issues, OCD, daily prejudice due to lack of knowledge and understanding of our autistic community, overstimulation and general overwhelm, the list goes on. We will always fight to put things right in our own small way and are extremely grateful to yourselves for empowering people to discover for themselves how awesome and important our beautiful autistic children are.

I hope, in the next day or two, to be able to take a picture of Grace with her award and will forward this to you. Please be patient as getting a photo of a teenager, never mind autistic, is not an easy task!

Many huge and grateful thanks,

Vickie Parr

Melanie Whitfield

Melanie Whitfield - Autism Hero Winner 2018

“The whole evening was so special – extremely well organised and totally inspirational. It will forever be one of the most important highlights of my teaching career and, indeed, my life.

Thank you to you and your amazing team for everything you do to raise awareness and highlight the work and contribution of so many people in the autism community who would otherwise remain ‘unsung’ heroes. My very best wishes to you all, and thank you again”


Our Ambassador: Giuliana Wheater

Giuliana Wheater – sharing her journey

Our wonderful Ambassador Giuliana Wheater was awarded the Charity Supporter of the Year, at the Autism Hero Awards and would like to share her incredible journey as well as a video with you.

Please click here for details.

Steven Smith - Patron of Anna Kennedy Online

Steven Smith - Patron of Anna Kennedy Online

“Why do we have awards? Yes, in some cases award ceremonies are money-making projects or exist to boost egos. But awards also bring together like-minded people who inspire, excel or selflessly lead others in their fields with a heart you may not find in others.

 The latter is exactly how you would describe the unique, annual “Autism Hero Awards” produced by the charity, Anna Kennedy Online. As a proud patron of this charity, I have attended these awards since their conception four years ago. Just judging these award ceremonies leaves me feeling moved and close to tears.

Really, when you hear people say ‘everyone should have won’ at award ceremonies, nothing could be more accurate in the case of the Hero awards.

Every story of courage, bravery, diversity or kindness leaves you wanting to award every nominee. The evening is not just about the actual awards; it’s an evening bringing love and strength all under one roof. You don’t have to be living with autism or even need to have a  friend or family member on the spectrum. Anna Kennedy is not just about fighting for what is right.

It is also about educating as many people as we can about autism.  Having empathy for this community and choosing to come along to enjoy the events can truly be life changing”

Living Autism

Sponsors: Living Autism

“Living Autism is proud and honoured to have sponsored the Autism Hero Awards.

This is an occasion that recognises the amazing achievements of autistic individuals and those who support them, whether that be a family member, professional or service.

Recognition of achievements is so important in continuing to inspire autistic children and adults to reach for their dreams and for those who support them to help them along the way. The stories are truly moving and so often show courage and tenacity in the face of adversity.”

Richie Smith

Richie Smith : Winner Autism Hero Awards 2019

“I am now The people’s autism hero. I honestly can’t believe it, i am like totally blown away has been the hardest and most emotional weekend ever. Thank you so so much Suzanne Mccue for coming to support me as i totally broke down on the stage speech as i was taken away i would have never dreamed i would min the main award of the evening.

Even thinking about i am still crying now as i right this post as it means the world to me and i never thought i would be where i am today’s. Autism is awesome and i love it. Cant believe i won the award ( The people’s autism hero award. ) and also finalist as a entrepreneurial. Was the only person in two awards.

Thank you so so much to the @autism hero Awards and Annakennedyonline for giving me this award. But also a massive thank you to all of you guys as i received the 100s of nominations without even knowing.

Without you guys I couldn’t keep going and am super grateful as i told my self no one will care about you and you will not ever win. I do this to my self so i project my self and feelings but even tho i speak to people every day, this was the most emotional heart breaking evening of my life.”

Rosie Weldon Autism Hero Awards 2019

Rosie Weldon Autism Hero Awards 2019

“I wanted to attend the Autism Hero Awards, and I am so glad I did. The awards celebrated siblings, parents and guardians, businesses, teachers, and autistic individuals. I sat in a room filled with people that fight for autistic people. I heard stories of those with the greatest of empathy for the affect autism has.

To hear of siblings, like my brother, who stand by their siblings as they fight through life. The awards are run by Anna Kennedy who has championed autism for many years as her two sons are autistic. The charity, Anna Kennedy Online, does incredible things for those who are autistic and their families, raising awareness and supporting us.”

Davies Insurance Services - guests

“We are an Insurance Services Provider that have been involved in Anna’s charity for the past five years

The Autism Dinner Awards provides us with a fantastic opportunity to accompany our business partners as a thank you for their support and at the same time joining Anna and her team to create a greater awareness amongst a wider community.

It is also great that we are able to give back rather than just take!”

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